So todays post is about a new product that is on the market. It’s called Pink Frost planner made by company¬†YummyStyled.

It was about a week ago, when I saw a picture of it on instagram. Ofcourse I went to their page and look it all up. Since that moment I knew this planner is made for me. Are you asking yourself why? Because, it includes 12 months with no names. So… you can decide when you will start your planner and it’s no big deal if you buy it on November, December… It doesn’t matter because you can create it all by yourself.

On the beginning of the month you have a page where you can write down things you must do, things you want to do and what will keep you motivated through it. And then we have pages for every week in month, where you can write notes and tasks you have to do.

But before all the months, you have cute beginning of the planner. Are you bad with remembering numbers, emails? No problem, you have a page for all the contacts which will always be with you. Then there is a page for writing down birthdays of your loved ones and appointments. And here is my favorite page of all the planner. Goals, goals, goals… I love to have my goals written down because it reminds me through the whole year when my motivation is pretty bad, what I really wanted.

And we came to and end of the planner. And I am not going to tell you what you can find in because I want to make this surprising for you.

On the other hand, we have a really well-assembled, and on the other hand we have the cutest design of it. Every month has different cover of chocolate. So this planner will keep you happy all the time. I promise! I can’t wait October to start writing in it(already written down some stuff I have to do).

Otherwise, all the cheers are going to Aida, who designed this planner! I am so glad to collab with this girl because I mean she is the sweetest just as the planner you have to own!



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