Winter stroll around Bled

The big day 21.1. finally came. The day when the school was off and we had an excursion on Bled.Β At first we went ice-skating and i have to admit i was a little scared because i have like no confident in my balance, but then i completely leave my self. Most of the time or i could just say all of the time i was hanging out with my three-leaf clover. I have to confirm that i am a huge fan of posing haha so it’s my fault for most of the pictures that arose.

That’s actually my favorite one. Totally spontaneous. Then we went around lake Bled, some of the students prefer coffee so they choose a bar instead of walking, I totally understand them πŸ˜€ After a long hour of walking or drinking coffe everybody gather together. Professors gave us 2 hours of free time. So because we already drank coffee and it was such a beautiful day we took a lot of selfies and of course professionally pictures πŸ˜€ So i am going to post some of them πŸ™‚Β 


That’s me and my friend Katarina. This wasn’t taken at the lake but at the lookout point πŸ˜€
But it’s never enough pictures of swans:)




I am wearing :
Mom jeans : Pull and Bear
Shoes: Dr.Martens
Scarf: Primark
Parka:Shein HERE
I had the best time, and i would do it all over again. And if u think i am nuts because of all the pictures. At the end pictures may be the our only memories.


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