Hi, cuties!

These past few days we actually had a winter wonderland outside. It was snowing for few days and I am one of those persons who would love to just stay in bed and have a movie marathon, while the weather outside does his work. But since I have still two exams and I can’t miss my gym every day, I am pretty busy, even though I would rather just chill, you know. And consequently, I am really not capable of wearing something uncomfortable. Ok, let be honest, I am never wearing clothes that I wouldn’t feel comfortable in it, as you may notice from my previous post, but this outfit is really made for your laziness!

I got these cute velvet trousers and hoodie on GAMISS and I have to be honest, I become their number one fan!

Even though I am working with Gamiss, my reviews are totally honest and this set is so comfy! And the quality guys…  The quality is so good, it feels like 50$ worth set, but it was only 24$. Let’s be serious, 24$??

In December I almost bought pink velvet set from H&M and it would cost me 40€… I am so glad that I saved my money! Absolutely this my color and I will wear this set nonstop!

And here are some photos of this awesome new set.


For more information, click HERE


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