Visiting Bled, again!


And the year has been around. The best excursion of whole year came. Except visiting Ljubljana ofcourse haha. First we had little problems with driving to the location because the situation with wind on this side of the country is really problematic. But i didn’t bother two hours of driving because i realized i love driving with buses. I have great time with my self. I can consider about things i don’t have actually time for it, or i just don’t make time for it. But it’s important to be alone with your self sometimes. It fills me with positive energy and i can make so much better plans. So just being quiet and listening to my favorite playlist. So after two hours of rough thinking we arrived to Bled. First we had two hours for ice-skating, which i actually enjoy it a good music is included and the most important thing, good company!

I was like really exhausted, i am not kidding. I was way too overdressed… Don’t know what was i thinking, seriously. But i didn’t have problems with that later when we were outside haha πŸ™‚ So yes as i said after ice-skating, maybe even some ice-dancing haha, we went out and first things first: COFFE!. Of course we go strict to the bar we were in, last year because it’s like really warm atmosphere there and it’s great. I really recommend it and the prices are normally, which is not ordinary for Bled. So the bar is called Pub Bled Troha! πŸ™‚

Just LOVELY! We met our friends from school there and there wasn’t enough time to talk about all the things! It was great, i am a very good listener even though i have so much to say, i love to hear about other peoples problems.. i love the enthusiasm… So after big cup of coffee, we went to the lake and just made some pictures. And at the end, i have too much great photos, It’s not even enough room to show you all of them.

You were not there if you weren’t on this picture! And just for the record, there’s none single girl in the picture!
And here was this great two bikes and it was working like this. Faster you were in riding a bike, brighter the lights were shining. Our love was the biggest!!

Fascinating right?
First group photos haha:D

Who’s cute now aa πŸ˜€
And now some pictures with my girls who you are already familiar with.

But one is missing. Our Karin get sicked and couldn’t be with us. Karin if you are reading this, we missed you so much and if you were not here physicali present, you were in our minds and hearts. Next year we are gonna hit it, even if there’s no excursion included.

”Looking into the lake” :

And for the end some of my photos:D

You probably recognise, that these days i don’t know how to pose any more xD I hope you enjoyed this, we absolutely do! And if you have any interested how was last year, it’s allΒ HEREΒ .
Love you all!


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