Hi cuties, today I am showing you my new pink coat, that I have already mentioned it in one of my post – Gamiss winter wishlist. So as you may guess, this is coat from Gamiss, which I got in collaboration with them and I am very pleased with it. The quality of the material is good even though the price of the coat is much cheaper than coast in stores. The only thing that is bothering me is the sleeve length. It’s a little bit short, but you can put under the coat some cute sweater and the problem is solved!

You are probably wondering what is happening to me, because in all of my latest post you can see one pink piece in my outfit. And the answer to your questions is I DON’T KNOW. I actually never felt good in pink, I though I look childish and that pink just ain’t my colour, but now I feel great in it and as I said, I feel like a elegant princess in it hah 😀
What else beside the colour, do I love on this coat? The style of it. On the one side you can look very elegant in it, because of the collar, but on the other side, it’s super vintage. I feel such a hipster in my lovely coat haha.
Today I decided to combinate it with a simple black sweater, but I can see myself in a dress and some boots on! I means it’s literally that type of coat that can go with anything.
So we have come to an end. Today I didn’t share anything more personal but it’s just a fashion post. I hope you like this coat and you can get one to yourself


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