Hi cuties!

You have to agree with me that this time of the year it’s perfect for sweaters, especially in the afternoon when the sun is up and it’s still to hot to wear some parka. And I am talking from my experiences so believe me haha.

Yesterday we went to Piran- family trip and I was so overdressed for the weather at the afternoon, of course I was freezing in the morning.

And when you have a opportunity to actually wear a sweater that will be seen in front of the everybody ( in the winter time you always wear your parka zipped so your beautiful sweater is hidden under it) you have to pick up some special sweater. In my case, this is a turtle neck embroidery sweater from zaful.

Yes, it’s not the warmest sweater I own in my closet, but it’s definitely one of the most special. It doesn’t have just like two flowers on it, but the whole sweater is embroidered.

And it’s not just the embroidery part that I love. The second or maybe even the main thing I am obsessed with are this bell sleeves. You can wear it as a bell sleeve or tight it up and it’s a kind of a balloon thing? I guess I could say so.

And the third thing I love about this insane sweater is a turtle neck. I have to admit that I feel that turtle necks don’t look so good on me, because they make my neck looks shorter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it 😀 If we are getting along, I love the style of it and you have so much choice nowadays in the store because turtle necks are probably a hit from last year and it still lasts!

As you can see, I choose a simple buttons-up denim skirt to wear with my new sweater, but it also looks good with jeans, leggings! The magic of this sweater is that you can look so elegant with it, or so casual. And as you may guess by now, I prefer casual outfits!

And you are all probably guessing where did I get my sweater? I got it from Zaful. It costed me 26€ but that’s nothing comparing to the prices in Slovenia. Click here to get it for yourself!

I hope you all love this post! Love you all, L*


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