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Today I’ve decided to write a post about love. It’s actually has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day because I really think that every day is a chance to spread the love.

We all know different types of love. There is love for your partner, family love, friendship love, animal love… And the last week gave me something to think about. We are constantly reminded of relationship love, especially on social media, but I think we are all forgetting the love that brought us into the world. Family love.

This is the powerful one, for me. Because you have to learn how to love if you want to love and that is something that is ”learned” at home.

So last week my brother came visited and I saw him after 2 years. I don’t know how to describe those feelings, maybe pure happiness would be the right word. From the moment we saw him landed on the airplane and leaving him again, it was magical. I am not saying that we are not bonded all the time, we are, really. But he ”forced” us to be together, all the time. To not do just your stuff at home, but to be together, to communicate together. And I realized how happy I am… To have a such good relationship with my brother, even though that we are not together at all. I think that this means something, don’t you?

Not to be talking just about my brother, I also have a best friend in my family and she is my sister. There is nothing that I would keep away from her, she is actually the first one I talk about my problems, my happy moments if she’s not the part of them and just you know, talk to her.

My parents. My idols. Through years I realized, how much I respect them. They gave me and my siblings everything. More than everything. I would also have to say that they were really good parents, because of look at us now. I think we turned out, just fine.

I love all of them more than I could ever imagine loving. This is love and it is real.

This post is meant to give you something to think about. To not forget other love than just for your partner. I love my boyfriend so much. I am in love with his smile, with his sense of humor and the little things he does to make me happy. We tell every day to each other how much do we mean to each other and this is the thing I want for you and your family. Tell them how much do they mean to you.

Because no one knows, when will it be too late.

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