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Today I decided to write a blog about famous fashion online store ZAFUL. I have to admit that at first, I was rather buying on SheIn, but when I made a collaboration with Zaful, I gave them a chance, you know. And I am obsessed with them since that day. I really think that their pieces are so more unique than you can find in stores. And be real, who wants to have the same dress with 10+ girls? So, yeah. Nowadays most of my clothes are from Zaful and I am so excited to do next collaboration.


I got many questions, how is with sizes on Zaful?

I am recommending you to always go a size up. So if you are wearing S, choose M. But just to be sure, you always have measures of the specific item, which can be pretty helpful. Then we also have one size items, and those are my biggest fear because I had a really bad experience with some online store and I bought a dress-one size and it came like XXL. So I think this will be the case, where the measures will help you the most. You can see HERE my sweater and this is a one-size sweater and it fits me great. Usually, I am wearing S/M.


I think we are all a little worried when thinking about the quality of chines clothes, right? But I am telling you, I have received so many items and none of them has bad quality. And this is not just because I am working for Zaful, but because it is true. I told my self, to never lie about some brands on my blog because I am here to help you, to do kind of researchers that you are too lazy to do ! 😀 So yes, the quality is maybe even better than in our stores. I mean when I got the sweater (link in 1.-size of clothing) from Zaful, I was so surprised, because this is the most quality sweater I got in my closet.

And just too worn you! I never decide to get one item which is made from polyester. I always go with jeans, cotton or mix of some material with cotton. So if you get a polyester item and you are not satisfied, that is totally your problem.


This is maybe one of the things that are not so positive about Zaful. You will probably wait for you package for 1 to 2 months. I know this is crazy, but the prices are so good 😀 So if you want to buy a swimsuit for summer on Zaful, order it now! And because we are still so far from summer, the prices are insanely low. I mean swimwear for 11$?

And there is also one of the things that will maybe make you considering ordering from Zaful. Customs. When I got my first delivery from Zaful, the customs in Slovenia ”found” my package and they charged me 20€. Why can something like this happen? Zaful is not from Europe, all of their packages are sent from Hong Kong and when you are ordering out of Europe and you pay for it more than 21€ the customs can charge you. But don’t worry, you have to be very unlucky to something like this can happen to you. Did happen to me 1/10 times? So I am still satisfied.


Don’t be scared, but yes I have this experience and I also heard some of the girls that this also happened to them. So what is the problem here? When you are ordering one item, you may see under size board: ONLY 5 ITEMS LEFT! And this is true! I ordered a piece of clothing and they had only 6 items left and sadly I got something totally different. So be careful while choosing.

So I guess this is it. I wrote a blog post according to your questions. NOW IS YOUR TURN! for more click




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