Shopping haul!


Yesterday we went shopping to Ljubljana. I think i wasn’t in shopping center since avgust, yes even though i am such a shopaholic, but a shopaholic with low budget haha 🙂 But yesterday many items were on sale so i bought some stuff. First we went to Bershka, Stradivarius and Pull&Bear and in Stradivarius i found perfect shoes for my prom. I asked my mom to bring me some dresses that i could try them with together. And she brought me the dress that i loved more than i loved shoes. So at the end i took this beautiful burgundy/maroon dress with choker and V neck. I think maroon colour has become my favorite colour, or i could say colour of December! I own 5 maroon items so far! got me 🙂

and HERE you can get the dress.
Then we went to BTC and i go straight to H&M which is my favorite store. I spent there like 40 minutes, because then we had to leave and i bought 4 tops and one dungaree dress. Ok so let’s go to the tops. All of my tops are ribbed so i don’t know is ribbed still so in or i just love the material? I think both right. First i got green ribbed body which has a title 1990. This is not my first body who has 1990 on it.

If you want to buy it yourself too because it’s so fabulous you can click HERE
Then i decide to go with almost the same colour ribbed  top i guess. More like army green top. I think this simple top would look killing with all of my mom jeans and also my new dungaree which i am obsessed with. Can’t wait to get warmer so i could wear this new pieces.

HERE is also a link to this simply beautiful top.
Moving on to my one of five maroon coloured pieces i own. This is my new simple long sleeved shirt. It’s again simple shirt with no print on it.

I will make you easier and you can find this top HERE .
So as you can see those items are all turtle neck tops. If i am being honest i love the look of turtle neck and chokers but i think that it doesn’t fit me so well. Even Though all of my items are mostly like that haha. So here it comes the last top that i got and it’s a ribbed(again) black crop top with cutout. I didn’t find the product on H&M but it looks like this, only that it’s black 🙂

I am not going to leave the link here because it’s not the same top but if you want to check it out let me know. So we have only one piece left and this is denim dungaree dress. It’s been forever since i wanted something like this and i think this fits me perfectly and it looks so 90s with some top under it. So i just bought it.

HERE you can click to check it out! and it’s on sale!
So that’s all that i got. I am pleased with my shop and i can’t wait next shopping. I hope that all of you had a change to buy something new this month, because it’s month of giving and receiving right?:) Have a lovely day!



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