As I said in my previous post, I moved to Ljubljana. Emona we would say… Ljubljana gives you so much opportunities and of them is spending a day in Tivoli Park Ljubljana in this comfy outfit.

I was always afraid of combination of red and pink together, but honestly… As I was growing physically, I was also growing fashion-mentally and now, my opinion is that red and pink works great together. When you will put this colours on you, you will be some kind of attraction, because not so many people dare themself to wear powerful colours like them.

I saw this hat last month in H&M while I was wearing my leopard faux fur coat and try it on. It looked so good that since that moment, I knew this hat will be in my closet! It will be a must in this fall and for the winter, that is coming. But I was waiting, don’t know for what, but I bought it just few days, to cheer myself a bit.

As you may guess, I am obsessed with pretty basic outfits in which I feel comfortable. My opinion is that you have to own a basic one-colour shirt (in my case, this is black) and also some special one for the days, when you will feel like putting something more ”sparkly” on you. But most of us are not in the mood in the morning, or before going to bed to think so much about your outfit. So I promise you, this is the easiest way to not overwhelm yourself.

However, yesterday me and my friend went to park and take some photos.


The photo shooting was great, but then mosquito bite me on my forehead and it was better for you to not see this part of photos. I can’t wait for more days like this, and to make some other basic outfits!

I am wearing:

  • Levis jeans
  • H&M hat
  • Zara coat
  • Bershka body


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