I hope that all of you had a chance to be at your prom. 6 months ago i thought i won’t go. I wasn’t in the mood for all the shopping, the party, but now that i look back, i am like: What were you thinking? I am so glad that my friends convinced me to go, because it was sure a night to remember. All the glam, happy faces, a hall full of different laughs, the atmosphere was great. In my class we didn’t connect so much, we didn’t found any bond. But the more we are approaching to the end, the better our relationships are and i have to admit, i was sad at some point. So this night was a celebration, a celebration for all the memories we made together. I was complaining 4 year over dormitory, but you know what, i was never bored? I always had my friends around, like 24 hours a day and the best roommate.. Who has luck to get all that? Yes i was away from my home, and it was at hard at the beginning, it still is sometimes but you start to appreciate them even more and there is just few days where you can caught us fighting. So it’s great experience really 🙂 Ok, this post is about my prom and not about me getting all emotional 😀

One day i was just surfing on the internet, espacially online stores(i do this alot) and i ran to SheIn. I was looking through their new collection and i saw it. I saw the perfect dress. Then i saw another one, so i found two dresses, and both of them were really affordable, so i decieded to buy both of them and we will see which one will be better on me. Both of them arrived pretty early, i think it was 14days? And yes, i tried them on and i acually felt great in both dresses so i didn’t decied then yet what will i wear. But who cares it was NOVEMBER 😀

But the day was getting closer and closer and i think it was February when i started looking for shoes, i checked out so many online stores, i was in shopping center in Ljubljana, Koper and guess what? No luck! I was starting to be little scared because i haven’t had much more time left. And so me and my friend decided that one day we will go shopping and just look for shoes( both needed them). Yes we walked through all the stores, 4 hours and nothing! I found beautiful model of shoes, but the colour wasn’t good so…We almost give it  up, but there was Mango, i was never in it, didn’t hear about it so many times but we said let’s give it a try. And there they were, waiting for us… The perfect platform sandals, i fell in love with them! When this problem was solved i just needed earrings and i found them in H&M.

And here it come, the friday we were all getting forward to. Most of the girls had occupy friday, you know they went to hairstylist, beautician, they done their nails… but me? what was i doing?:D I was bored the whole friday, because honestly i think it’s a waste of money to do so many things for just one night 😀 So 2 hours before we left, i had a shower i had even time to made my self a decent meal and put some make-up on.

I am not going to write about the whole program, but just post some photos which may tell you more than some sentences, enjoy !

My queens, like seriously. If you are following my blog, you probably noticed them more than once.I still can’t believe how lucky i am to met them ! <3 And you can see 4 different prom outfit ideas hh:)

with prom hats hah 🙂

Of course we had to make this famous prom pose ! 😀

Then you can see preparation for the featured photo.

And of course i always have to be wherever the food is:D

And one with best roommate ever! <3

So those are just few sparks from my prom, i hope you had great time on your own! Love L*


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