Are you one of those persons who just talk about their goals but do nothing to achieve them? Today I decided to help you.

I used to be one of those people, who were just dreaming about so many things but never try to make them realize. But one day I just started looking differently on certain things and take them in my hands!

1.TIP: Do it today, not tomorrow!

Most of the people are saying that they will make some differences tomorrow, on monday, next weekend, next year. But what is the point of that? If you want for example, start a healthier life, why would you start in 3 days, why not today? Will you die if you won’t eat a slice of pizza, or some cake? Of course not! And that doesn’t mean you will never eat pizza/cake again.

And you want to start working out, why wouldn’t you start today and I promise you, you will feel much better. If you would be waiting till monday, you would be like: oh no, tomorrow I have to work out… Start moving your ass today, because it will take some time before you will see the results. And as you may heard many times: little changes lead you to big results.

But it’s not just about healthy lifestyle, it’s about all the things you want to reach. Want to start your own youtube chanel? Sit down, make a plan and start realizing it. Don’t wait till next year. Maybe there will be no better mood, time for working on the things you want.

Write your goals, wishes down and think what can you do today to be closer to them!

2.TIP: Get yourself a planner!

Planner will make everything so much easier. You will have everything written down and you will be looking at ”your goals” all the time. It will remind you of things you have to do, what you want to be in a year, where do you wanna go this year.

I never bought a planner, but I made it by myself. It’s created for my needs but it’s similar as the planners that are on the market. Maybe the biggest reason why I have made it by myself is that planners tend to be little more expensive (around 20€) and I am a creative soul, so I was really enjoying doing it by myself. So don’t think that I have anything upon the planners that are selling. The first page in my planner is my goals. I wrote down 5 goals I want to achieve in the year of 2017. The 2 of them are already checked, but the other 3 still have 3 months. This page was reminding me what I wanted for a really long time and helped me on my way to make my dreams come true.

Having a planner will help you doing things through the day, weekend and the whole year. Most of the people I heard from, are obsessed with their planners.

And you know what is the best thing planner did to me? I become so much organised… Since I own a planner I love to have a schedule and stick to it. Of course I love the spontaneous moments but I hate a day when I don’t do the things I have to…

3.TIP: Don’t give up!

When I am talking about persistence, I am talking about the big goals. As I said, it will take time to see the results, to feel better in your skin, to become something.

I am so proud of my self where I am today, honestly. I started a healthier lifestyle and I love it. I love the healthy meals, I love that now I can eat enormous portion of salad… But it took time, that my body get used to this kind of food. And now I actually resist ”junk food”. Of Course there are some cravings sometimes and you should eat something ”unhealthy” time to time. But please let it be a cheat-meal, not a cheat-day.

But not only on the healthy area, also blog category. I was always dreaming about being a blogger and reading other blogs. Not just about the fashion, about their lifestyle, experiences, tips, traveling. And it made me happy, really. I was always glad to learn something new, even though it was from total strangers. I still follow some blogger and youtubers that make my mornings better. I love drinking coffee and looking a video from my favorite youtuber(there is not just one haha). And where am I know? I am having my own page! I am writing blogs… I know not many people follow me or ready my blog, but the little fragment of them, makes me happy. This month I made a collaboration with famous page Zaful. A year ago I didn’t even aloud my self to dream about things, that are happening right now.

What am I trying to say… It will take you some time to make some results ( It took me a year and half). But don’t give up in the middle of everything, because big things will happen to you, if you are doing anything with passion.

So this my tips, that helped me so much this year. If you have any good tip for me, let me know! I would be glad to learn something new again! 🙂 Love you, L*


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