Have been wondering how to spend your day? I have a perfect idea, which will cost you like- nothing! A day spent in Tivoli in Ljubljana.

I was always dreaming about mornings in Ljubljana, I guess I am just one of those people who are really in love with this city. I could sit in a coffee shop for the whole day, just absorbing people who are were hitting besides me and the buildings, oh the buildings…
But last week, I was actually staying in Ljubljana for few days and my boyfriend visited so it was a perfect chance to try this cute coffee shop- Čolnarna Tivoli Ljubljana. The prices are normal, even though this is like one of the cutest cafeterias I have ever been in.
After a coffee break, we walked around park Tivoli. This is the perfect place for running in the morning, for spending afternoons with your friends on the blanket between all the trees or going on a first date? But go in the evening, otherwise, it is too hot.
And what did i love the most? This place in the Park where are thousand of roses! I mean i fell in love with this sidewalk.
I hope you will take a day off and visit Ljubljana, especially Tivoli. I can’t wait to go back there again.


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