Perfect beginning of December!


On the 1 of December we went to Ljubljana. When we came the sun was still shining and the lights on the PreŇ°ernov Trg weren’t so sticking out.I was in Emona with my friends and it has been months since we made a photo to remember, you know all together.

And we did it! This lovely picture will be on my wall, i promise you. You are probably already seen them in my blog and that’s why because we are together in dormitory, so we spent 24h a day with each other. And i have to admit we are good, we don’t argue like a lot of people would probably do. It’s interesting that four different characters would be so good together. So then we went hunting for a good place to drink mulled wine and we found it just across the corner.

It was great because most mulled wine were offered on stands and you have to stand, there’s no seats only tables, but we found this perfect place, where we can seat, also heater was available, so we weren’t cold. The atmosphere was great, the music was loud and good company for sure. It was comforting to watch people how happy are they, how much they have to talk with each other. I have to admit i love to watch people how are they dressed. Watch different styles… It’s so inspiring to see how people can express themself through their styles. And it’s so obvious which people are comfortable in their clothes, they express so much more energy, i admire that kind of people. But yes don’t forget about a picture with a cute cup of wine.

We were running out of time because my girls had to stopped in McDonalds and have a decent dinner ofcourse. In the way we made some photos, AGAIN ūüôā We wanted to catch all the lights from the PreŇ°ernov Trg.


Here are we trying to get in the picture. We had selfie stick and ofcourse we streched so far it could go and we were a little in the way to passers. And here’s cought all the beauty.

You just can not love this city. After we afford those huge burgers, haha we went to the PreŇ°enov Trg. We took selfies with strangers,

tried to make a picture and show our beautiful christmas tree. And it kind of went well!

And us in the middle of everything <3

And before we went to cinema to watch new Slovenian movie: Pojdi z mano, i had to take a pictures od myself,obviously!xD

I am sure i mentioned it before where i got my jeans and shoes but i have to tell you that this fucking amazing coat belongs to my grandma. It’s like way to oversize but on fortunately it has belt so everything looks cool at the end.


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