Ok, first of all I know I didn’t write May favorites, but with all the school work I have no time to try anything new or buy anything. And I had exams till 21 of June but, it was a long week and I tried/bought many awesome things, places…

First, i am going to show you some clothing pieces that totally inspired me.


Everyone who is going to Primark knows that they have the best pajamas, like really affordable and the material. This set was 12€ and I can’t tell you how much I am waiting for going on holidays and wear it! I promise I am going to make some great pics:P


First this dress… I was randomly hitting H&M and I saw this cutie. Love at first side, literally! And since I have lost some weight and can finally wear bodycon dresses, I had to try it! This dress cost me only 13€, I mean even crop tops are more expensive? Maybe, you already see this dress on my Instagram, if you didn’t, check it out!:D
Then this hat. Actually, I was looking for something like this, because who wants have a headache because of the sun, and on the another hand, it looks great! I went throught so many stores and had no luck. But then Stradivarius saved me! Hats like this, are +15€ in every store, but I got it for 10€!!


Yes, as you can saw it in my latest blog, I already wrote about this place. But I am really in love with it. You really should take your time and go to a cup of coffee there, or a glass of lemonade or even better- ICE CREAM?? So yes, you can read about it here.


Since I was at a concert of Neda Ukraden, I have been listening to her music even more. And become obsessed with on of her newest hits- Favorit!
And the other song is Padobran- Boban Rajović. Yes I know, it is an old song, but I haven’t been listening to Balkan for a long time, so thanks to my friend she introduced me to this song hh.


This become one of my favorite breakfast, really. First, i stove zucchini and then I mix 2egs with tuna. I pour it in the pony and put on the zucchini, some onion. And it tastes delicious! Really recommending this one to you, simple and good.
So I guess this is it. I watched some movie, nothing special so… If you have any favorites, let me know! Love, L


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