I got mine for a present from my sister. She knows what a girl needs! You can get it in pharmacies for about 10€. It’s the perfect solution for any season but especially winter because the cold air has none good effect to our skin and argan oil will fix the consequences of that. Maybe you will need a second drop but it’s worth it. I use it everyday for a month now and always after i clean my face. Many people think that leave oily residue but that’s not true. I have oily skin and this oil is only helping me. From now on i am going to use it also and hair and hoping that it will work.


So all of this crazy ideas i get from my sister, she is like an expert. Instead of tonic you can use vinegar. It’s the same i promise you. You just mix water and vinegar 1:3 and with put it on your face. I do this every morning after i wash my face with water and in the evening after cleaning my face. It drys in a minute and then i put argan oil on. And all the flaky skin will disappeared. Also going to use vinegar on my hair instead of balsam.


And the last thing is this planner which i made by my self. I got this notebook from my mother and the cover of it, it’s so super cute. And i was literally dying to have a planner but i was afraid that i wouldn’t use it and my money wouldn’t be spent on a good purchase. So i decided it to do it by my self. At first it was hard because i was afraid that i will forget anything important and i did, hh i have been using it from the first day of this month and i would change many things but it’s my work and i obsessed with it. I wrote my GOALS 2017 and because i love watching movies i made a MOVIE LIST. Then i have this huge page where i will see how much money i will safe. Because i realized how tricky are my friends, family i decided to make a page with present hints. And then i have every month separately. I have to be honest… i forgot it at home this weekend and i felt so lost. I am very organised person and this is the thing i needed!


Favorite movie of the month! I just recommend it to you !

If you have any favorites let me know ! 🙂



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