It’s all about December !


We had that perfect beginning to December of 2016 but the rest of this magical month was also worth remembering it. First it was this rock concert in my hometown, my favorite band Zaklonišče Prepeva and Zmelkoowi was the mains stars of the evening.I was absolutely so happy to be there, if you don’t know me i have to tell you i am a huge fan of croatian rock music and Zaklonišče is near that direction, so i let the music set me free.. All the bad thoughts disappeared from my mind and i felt so….unreal. I am not saying that usually i am in bad moon, no i am one of the happiest person(with right people of course), but when i connect with music, especially the one i love, i become a very very happy person. And for a life memorie i took some selfies 🙂

I am so sorry for the quality but this is me, my friend on the right and Vanja Alič. He is singer in group Zaklonišče Prepeva which i mentioned it before. I am proud that i took courage and take a selfie.

So weekend after this awesome party, me and my boyfriend decided to do more christmasy stuff to make more christmas spirit in our life. So what do you think we did? Yes, you are right we went to store buy christmas tree, we went to like 5 different stores to decide which christmas decorations we will have this year. Oh my god, i have used christmas word way to much in few sentences. So, we bought red and gold decorations. And those are results.

Isn’t this the cutest christmas tree. Those lights broke down after few days and we were to lazy to buy new one. Another of my characteristic is that i always beg people to take photos of me, because i want to have everything memorized. So this is me memorizing time when we were making a christmas tree, oh god what’s wrong with me haha xD

And one with final result.

But the one who count the most are the ones with the people you love the most <3

With out you, this time of the year wouldn’t be so special… grazie amore!

It was still the beginning of December and we had so many sunny days in the way so we went walking around beautiful Škofja Loka, which i think you should all visit it once.



Yes, we were good and we walked alooot! 😀 Mostly on the same roads haha. As you can see! But while we were on the fresh air we also took some good photos of the city, the nature..



Ok, i was a little bit overwhelming..

While all of that was going on, you know all the walks, holidays started and on friday (23.12) me, my boyfriend went to a party but unfortunately i didn’t take any photos. Next day we had christmas dinner which me and my boyfriends prepared, but again i forgot to take photos we were having such a lovely time that this just run out of my mind. But we cant forget that we were very good this year and Santa didn’t forget about us!!

And then we went on a date !! Yay, finally, it’s been forever since we went to the cinema so we decide to go to the cinema of course haha. First we went to a restaurant and ate lunch, we were just starving.. And here comes the funny picture of me haha 🙂

I am not going to tell you about the movie because you have to watch it and if i tell you the story i will ruin it! Why him? is the title of the movie and James Franco is the main actor! After the movie we went to magical old center of Kranj and we actually run on tribute of Beatles. It was a pleasure listen to this band for the first time. Our bus should left at 21.45 but we were waiting and waiting and there was no bus! We were freezing so it made us even more angry 😀 But there was one bus left at 22.40 so we calm down ourselves. Because we had so much time left we made another walk  through the city.

So this is one of many decorations in Kranj.

Again me and some lights! Then we had a bus and we went home, but on the way home i had to take pictures of decoration in Škofja Loka which i think this year wins!

This is famous bridge in Škofja Loka called Kapucinski most. Then we have this beautiful lights in front of this cafeteria called Štengce and they have the best hot chocolate! Have to try it.

And here it comes the winner,i am just in love with this idea, it makes me so thankful for everything. I really think it has a meaning.

Ok, don’t get all emotional and take a moment and look at me and cribs!

And i think this is the end.. Yes i’ve told you all that i wanted haha 🙂 i hope you enjoyed while reading my blog or just passing by my pictures. I wish you merry christmas, i am late i know. But in the future i wish all of you a happy new year, go make yourself a new year’s resolutions and actually make them, don’t just leave it on the paper! I decide i am going to be super productive this year so i made my own planner and the first page in it, are goals for 2017! I hope i will achieve them..and to tell you a little secret, one of them is to start a YouTube channel..  Love you !


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