GOODBYE 2017 and WELCOME 2018!


Hi guys!

Here we are, on the last day of 2017. As I look back I had made so many achievements that I am really proud of. For the start I have my own page, where I can share my stylings, tips and my adventurous. Two years ago when I started writing blogs, I have never even could imagine that I will co some far. Then school happend and the thing I am proud of the most is that I did my exams so good that I was excepted into the collage, I was praying to get in for the whole year. It was rough period but now I have a way better life, because of that. And when the all of my exams were over, summer came. Vacations time. I went to Debeli Rtič as teacher! I am not saying that I am not familiar with children, because my school kind of requires that, but on the Debeli Rtič, I really connected with them. I met so many sunshines which filled my heart with so much love. For my opinion experiences count the most and this one was probably one of the biggest in 2017. So I am really excited about going this year as well.

I went to my first interview for promoting, which went well, but I decided that this is not what I want to do, during summer. It would take most of my free time and everything was happening in Ljubljana.After that I went to Mareda with my boyfriend, as I may say, this was our first vacations, alone. 10 days of pure happiness continues in Baška with him and my family. I am always happy when we went to Baška, because Baška is like my second home ( have been going there for 14 years). In September I get my first yob! I was always kind of afraid going to work, especially as a waitress, but I love making coffee, have small talks with people, who were almost always so nice to me.

Then Zaful wrote to me and we started working together. This is also a thing that proves me, that someone likes my work. Then a cooperation with Rosegal came and everything was like unreal to me. I know that the point of being a blogger isn’t getting free stuff from fashion pages, but if you are low on money and you love fashion, every items is very welcome! In October I kind of was chosen to  be a part of Anja’s first plan, which lead me to meet Anja Susič and train under her instructions! And through the whole year I become a really good cooker. I was training most of the part and eating well for the whole year. Of course there was some bad days, but they teached me, that I really need to be strong if I want to go direct to my goals. Discipline works for me.

And what am I excepeting of 2018? More work, more organized days, less lazy days and more laugh. I really hope that I will see my brother this year, because it has been almost two years since we saw each other (we still talk everyday). My wish for this year is to stay close to my family as much as I can.Sometimes, I feel we are not so much together since I am spending the most of the time at my boyfriends, but our time together means the world to me, even though we fight sometimes like crazy haha, family love right? When I am thinking about my blog in 2018, I want to make another cooperation with another fashion store, or some companies. Big goals, right? I want to inspire more people, share more love. Start loving my self more, because sometimes I have a feeling that I am not accepting myself as much as I should. There are also some goals about my education. I am giving my self a challenge, to done all the test before summer. I have a travel goal and this is: VISIT MALLORCA! I am definitely going to work my ass off this summer, to enjoy this trip as much as I can. And what is the most important goal? To stay healthy, work out more and eat less shit. Love yourself, you are worth it! I believe that all off us, have some goals which are sometimes to high to achieve, but with some realistic and good one, you can stick to.

Thanks 2017! 2018 be good to us, if not, we are gonna make you! Love,L*


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