girls runaway

I can still remember last two weeks in school. Everyone was just so excited because holidays were just so close. Of course i was on of them. And the 24th of June came and i had all the things i had planned in my head.I just couldn’t wait for everything to happen.
So a week after summer vacations has become, i went to Portoroz, which is for my opinion the most attractive beach in Slovenia. Especially for teenagers. Just let me tell you, the whole year we planed to go to Croatia, but then all our plans broke down and we went to Portoroz, just like last year. When we came we have like no idea where do we have to go. I called the lady who owned the apartment and she didn’t gave any smart advices. We were just walking by the streets looking if there were and familiar street address. But none, we all had like this huge baggage and the apartment was supposed to be in a hill? I don’t know how to explain that. But after a hour searching, walking up and down we found it. Then everything went normal. We get the apartment, change and went down, to the beach. I am not gonna be so specific about everything but it was just so funny.
Our morning routine began around nine o’clock, the girl who woke up first “cooked” the coffee, and then we ate our breakfast. We always walked to the main beach but when we were returning from it, we had a card for minibuses, because it was really hot and a long way to the apartment. We had great time, meaning by day and night ofcourse:D But the first night we weren’t so in the mood for you know all the partying and also the rain got in to the way, but then the other night were great.

so that’s what our breakfast looked like, i was eating cereals with yogurt everyday and oh boy i didn’t like it:D

Am i am not so sure which day it was, but i guess it was the first day, not so good looking haha, but you know you have to take a selfie with a jellyfish.
On the way back to our apartment in the middle of the night i noticed this fucking awesome wall with pop art print, i fell in love with it! So we had to take some selfies with it 😀 And sorry for showing my bra like that 😀


So yeah. the first day was over and the other one came and it was just awesome, so many thing happened, but who cares right 😀

 Here are we on the way to the ”city”:D And this is still in our pretty apartment.

On the third day we were stopped by girls who promoted coca cola, so if you took a picture of coca cola and put it on instagram you got free coca cola and also coca cola glasses, I didn’t wear glasses not even once, and i wont probably never put them on, but it’s nice memory. And also i don’t drink coca cola but for the night it showed like it was a cleaver decision to keep it:D

So here we are, all posing, But i can see in our eyes we are so humiliating. Everyone was looking and we had stand there be like, okay:D  We can do so much better 😀
Than the night came and if i am honest, this will be the night who will stay forever in my head. I am not here to tell you what happened, because it’s kind of a private thing and it’s our maybe a little bit embarrassing secret. But why would we worried if there are just few people who know about it 😀 But the meaning, i just wanna tell you.. don’t be stubborn! it will kill you, and when something goes wrong just say it all loud,dont let keeping things inside of you. But this is a nice memory from the beginning:D
Next day the weather broke down our plans, so we were in apartment the whole day, waching tv. Acually lord of the rings were on the schedule, so it was ok:D
And then it came, the day i was not looking forward. Maybe we were a little bit sad, because we knew we are going back home, and it’s gonna end but you know you have to keep it positive. I was trying to forget the fact that it’s over but, it was just a beginning, so many things were still infront of us, waiting for us..


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