As you may guess I spent most of my vacations by the sea and I couldn’t be happier. But still, because it wasn’t enough me and my family went to Lucija for 3 days. It was a great break and our connection got even better. So when we arrived we settle down in our apartment and me and my sister went to the beach. Around 5-6 PM we had dinner and then we decided to go to Piran. From Lucija to Piran its about 4.5 km and we walk for 1h and 30 minutes, but you have to know that we had little breaks to take some pictures hh.

I have to admit that I have a obsession with posing in front of colorful walls even doors!

And what is a family trip without a family picture?:)

I promise you that, this picture is going with me in my new home ! <3

And behind me you can already see for me the most beautiful city Piran.

This is my favorite picture of all. I mean look at the sky, colours of the wall, this green windows… Could stay there for an hour and just admire this moment.

And then we went to the famous church at Piran with the best view, and guess what? We caught the sunset 🙂

To much love on last two pictures 🙂 <3

Then we went to the other side of church and look at this…

And here we come to an end. Our little trip didn’t end here, because we also went to Fiesa but it was already dark, so I couldn’t take any good photos. I hope you enjoy this post as half as we enjoyed it.

This is clearly not a fashion post but you can see my outfit is pretty simple. My favorite Levis jeans ( you can read about them in my previous posts) and simple ribbed body from Zara. To spice things up I put on my old belt which I still fit in! Love you all, L*


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