Graduation is getting closer each day and we already are losing time for each other, but we shouldn’t. Nobody should forget about people who were there for you. We spent four years together, from Monday till Friday… 24 hours a day. A lot of people couldn’t stand each other, but surprising.. i still love them:) So we decided to escape everyday stress and go to the beach for a day. After school we get into the car and just go for it.

We are one of those girls who could just drive for hours, listening to loud music and just enjoying the ride. Out first stop was Portorož. Of course girls need to drink and we pick up my favorite local.

I used to be a kind of person who could sit for hours, drink coffee and just talk… But i realized i have to do something, i can’t sit still. So on my request, we went to the store, buy some strawberries and went to the pier.

But i was always the biggest fan of spontaneous photos:D

I can’t believe i was just wearing a skirt and short-sleeved top! Summer hurry we need more days like this! <3 After few hours in Portorož we went to Koper. In Koper we take some time for shopping, i bought nothing which is probably good, because there is no room in my closet any more:/ Have to make a space ! 🙂

How cool are we?:D

It was a great day and i can’t wait to repeat it! Love you guys! <3


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