Hi cuties! As you may see in one of my previous post I allready showed you one of my newest pieces and it was my cute pink hat. And here I am, surprising you with my new pink sweater! I saw this sweater in H&M, when the collection came and it was love at first side. And if you read my last post – becoming a minimalist you may know that I started being more careful, about things that I am buying, so I didn’t buy it for the first time, actually I didn’t even check how much did it cost, because I was sure, I don’t need another sweater in my closet. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it! And I saw it again, when I was buying my red parka. But still, trying to be a minimalist … didn’t bought it. Two/three weeks have passed and this sweater was still the number one on my wishlist. So I went to H&M, with purpose to buy this sweater and it was expensier for 10€? I was like, no I won’t be paying the same money for parka and sweater. I was really disappointed, because I had so many outfits in my mind… But you appreciate money if you don’t have it so much, haha 😀 So I was still without my perfect sweater. And then me and my boyfriend went to Citypark and my sweater was 30€ !!!! Same store in different places have different prices? I was schoked but glad, because I had my new sweater!!! And it is pink.
Since when I am obsessed with pink? I have no idea. If you would showed me this colour last year, I would be laughing haha. I don’t have one pink piece in my closet, seriously, but look I am surprising even my self, I am wearing pink. I don’t know if this is a baby pink, but anyway I am in love in this colour and I think it makes me look little more ”childish”, which is fine by me ( I got so many weird looks when I tell people I am 18 years old…. ). It’s not only the colour of it. It’s the measure of the sweater. I love the long type of it, because you can wear it as a dress( is a little bit see-through), you can have leggings and hige your booty.
But I have decided it to wearit with my tights and my favorite faux fur coat. I think the gepart print and pink goes great together. I mean this pink goes well with everything ( with this coat, my red parka, with all of my coats literally). So I am satisfied with the article? Yes Yes!! I think I will wear it all of the time and girl it already brought me so many looks haha!
Red, pink… I think i stepped out of my comfort zone, I am not obsessed with black pieces, black outfits as I used to be, I started admiring colours on people too! Haha, I mean I can express myself through colours, because I didn’t always felt like black. I mean black represents sadness/elegance, but I am not sad person in general and I am not elegant? I am more ” free spirit” gal . So I hope colours will show my energy, my positivity and my love to life. Hope you like this post, Love you all so much ! L*


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