It’s been a long time since i had time or inspiration to write about something. Most of my energy was redirected into my school work. Actually today was the last day for me, only final exams are still waiting for us. Because of that yesterday we took a change and made the last day, a picnic day!

We were so lucky that one of my friends have a cottage where we spent our afternoon. Music and cheers to the best year!

Only half of us, yes ten girl squad is all you need in high school! 😀

Going through photos right now, i have to admit i am becoming emotional… I was always complaining about being in this school, especially because i wasn’t at my own home and I was staying for five days a week in dormitory.. But now, as i look back, I have so many beautiful memories, so many deep talks.. I think my self as a better person now, really, more independent..

You thought that there wouldn’t be any pictures just of me? Here you go ! haha 🙂

We offer ourselves to prepare little cheat meal(because of the nutella)

And that was the last photo we took, after that there was just lying on the ground, talking about some meaningless stuff, also come to hard laughing, even crying.. It was just one of the days i hope it will stay with me forever. I know we are know saying goodbye, because there are still so many thing ahead us..


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