When I am wondering sometimes, I realize how much have I changed throw the years. I started appreciating thing that I haven’t even think about in the past, my view on certain things change and one of them are clothes, clothing…. I didn’t t even think about changes that are happening. but last week me and my sister were talking about minimalism and at first I wasn’t looking at me as a minimalist person, but while thinking, I realized.. I am. And this is one of my favorite changes that are happened to me. If you would know me in the past, you would know I was the biggest shopaholic. Just a year and a half ago, I would spent all my money on clothes, I mean stupid clothes that I put on for ”special occasions” or even didn’t put on… and what is the point of that? What is the point of having so many clothes in your wardrobe, that you never find anything, no matter if you are in the rush or not. What is the point of having so much pants and then wear only 3 of them? I really don’t see the point of it. Why would you work and push yourself and then you will spent all the money for clothes? Go to a vacations, buy something that you are wishing for a really long time, buy yourself a good camera, go to dance class, cooking class, buy yourself healthy food. All of that will bring you more joy than clothes. I think in life moments like this will stay with you forever in your mind, pictures… but with clothes? If you are buying everything that brings up your attention, I am telling you you won’t wear this piece, maybe once in a year and then fashion will change and you will throw it away. If you don’t want to listen to me listen to famous quote- collect memories not things.

How am I, fashion freak dealing with being shopaholic? For about 3 months now, I write down what I want. I mean in August I saw this perfect dress but it was 30€ and I was like, I won’t spent so much money for a dress and I wrote a wishlist for myself. I decided that in a month I will look at my wishlist and see if I still want those pieces and if I will be still interesting in having them, I will go buy them. I wasn’t excited about a dress after a month so I saves 30€! But I couldn’t stop thinking about a belt which I ordered last month and still waiting for him to come.
Another idea which helped me so many times… Moj butik! My sister showed me this page 4 years ago I guess? And I have been using it for 3 year now… If you want to get rid of your clothes, pu them on Moj Butik. This is a page where you can buy, sell of exchange things and I am telling you, you can get obsessed so easily. I actually got my favorite Levis jeans there and sometimes I am really glad for Moj Butik.
So what to buy when you are going shopping? Buy things that you really need. That you know you will wear. Basic black t-shirt will be much more useful than pink velvet crop top, I am telling you. Buy clothes that are worth their money. But for me the most important thing…. If you are choosing between a sweater that will costs you 40€ and 5 tops that will costs you 40€ or 30€, go with a sweater. We all know that low prices on shirts, brings up our attention.. If there wouldn’t be prices on them we wouldn’t even notice them.
And here we come to en end. I hope I gave you something to think about. Love,L*


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