Since the day the summer vacations started I knew that, when me and my friends will go together to the seaside, everything is about to come to an end. And here we are. Most of you have school in two days, which I don’t hh, but still there will be no laying on the beach, don’t give a shit about anything. And morning coffees next to the sea, oh my favorites… Actually today in about an hour I have to go to work, it’s my first day and I am a little bit nervous? Of course I am, I think it’s normal to be, because this is the first job that I have since ever haha. But yes this blog is not about complaining about school time, working but to show you some pictures we create when we were staying in Portorož.

As you can see my outfit is pretty simple, as usual. But today I am wearing a bell sleeve top which were a big HIT this year. I think that I own only two pieces like this but I have to admit I became a huge fan of it. Love how it looks on me, seriously haha:)

So this is it. And what do you think about this outfit? I hope you happy a lovely day, Love L*


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