I am not going to start with how quickly time went, because that’s what i write down every month. But truly i can’t believe May it’s all ready here and warm days are coming, hopefully and my final month of school. I have to push my self this time really hard, if i want to come into a collage i am attending to. I am not such a big spender because i am not working anywhere so this explains my financial status and consequently my favorites are not materialistic. Before i start i want to let you know, that i was at home for 4 weeks now, because of illness so i had time to discover new songs, movies,hh 🙂


So in my April favorites this is the only clothing piece. This is my first pair of Levis shorts and i am super excited for summer to start wearing them.


So as i said, i was spending most of the time at home and i found some really good songs, which obssesed me:D

  1. Nina Badrič – Dani i Godine
    When i heard this song for the first time, i didn’t hear the original but cover from Tjaša Hrovat and i love it, you should definitely go check it out.
  2. Osvajaci – Pronadji me
    For this song i have to thank my sister, because she was the one who told me about it(i guess she really knows me xD)

So those are my favorite songs that i discovered in April, but i think you should also listen to:

  • Do it again – Steely Dan
  • Little Hollywood – Alle Farben


Ok, you probably already know the movie haha, it’s from 2003 and it was played for so many times on TV. But i never had a chance to watch the whole movie. And last sunday me and my mom watch it(she watched it for the fifth time). I don’t know, if the story is so appealing to me, or just that the movie is filmed in Italy. I love Italy, Tuscan, Italians haha everything! So i really recommend you this movie if you haven’t watched it already.

So i guess we come to and end, and i hope you will go listen to my favorite songs and watch my favorite movie of the month. If i challenge my self i would say that movie of May will be Beauty and the Beast(Movie from 2017). Love, L


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