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You may don’t get the meaning of the article and concept of my blog. So you may guess, I referring that I am a fashion blogger. I also use #fashionblogger on my Instagram, on my blog. But here’s the deal. As I said so many times, I love fashion. I love the different style, combining, mixing everything up, but that does not fill my soul. The energy that people expresses through their style is the one that leaves me ”opened mouth”.  And so many other things that are not related to fashion. So please don’t get me wrong, but I love to spread more here than just what am I wearing on my photos. Photos will keep this blog more fashionable, but the text will be more meaningful, at least for me.

I know we all have different perspectives on what actually matters. And today I am going to tell you more about things that totally ” complete” me. Maybe you will find a little bit of yourself in my notes.

Seeing the world. In other words, I wanna travel. I want to learn about different cultures, see a different type of life, different characters. I don’t want to judge, I want to learn.

You know what is my favorite though? Morning, with a cup of coffee on the balcony which has a view of streets of Italy. Riding a motorcycle and singing Buona Sera- Rocco Granata. Yes, I know… Italy fan! 🙂

Dancing! As you may read in one of my previous posts – 12 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME, I love dancing. I really do. But the biggest problem is that I don’t find time to actually learn dancing. This is such an excuse, but I don’t know what is wrong with me. The weirdest part of everything is that wherever I am and I am listening to ” my dance list” I started dancing in my mind and with my body, even though I am on the bus. The only reason that I am going to the club is that I know I will dance. I mean this can literally tell you that I am obsessed with dancing, but don’t find time for it? I SHOULD DEFINITELY START DANCING MORE OFTEN!

Music. I can’t imagine a world without music, without those sounds of instruments, beats, lyrics.

Maybe this has something to do, with my family interests. I don’t know if I write it right, but I was born in a ”musical family” my father is a passionate musician, who plays acoustic and bass guitar and has an amazing talent in all kind of instruments. So, me, my brother and my sister were always surrounded by music and I loved it, I still do.

I think music heals. When I am so low on mood, I just listen to music. When I am angry, music calms me down. When I am happy, it gets my feelings even higher. I can feel it. And the feeling is amazing.

Doing what makes me happy. By this, I meant the job, your ”business way”. In my case, this is according to my side, my fashion blog. I would say that a job as a waitress is a waste of time because the money I will earn will help me with to make some of my wishes come true, for example: traveling.

What am I trying to say? You have to know why you are working. I don’t love being a waitress and make coffees, but I know that the money I will get, the money I will earn, WILL MEAN SOMETHING. I have straight goals for my future and I want to stick to them.

So if you are working in some boring factory and you know you are there for bigger plans, you are on the right way. But if you are just working there, going to this job day by day, not being satisfied and except that this will be your job, you are doing something wrong. Why is it worth living if you are not enjoying your life? You are probably thinking you don’t know what you are talking about because I don’t have so many experiences and because I am young. But my goal is to do what I love, always. That is being faithful to yourself.

Deep conversations. This is one of the things that maybe it’s harder to achieve. It’s harder to be satisfied by this one than any other. Maybe  I am lucky that I have such a good relationship with my sister and that I can tell her everything and then the conversation just continue. Then I would also call my self-lucky girl, because of my boyfriends. He is number one on my top friend’s list. We can talk, we really can talk.

A lot of people are surrounded by so many people, which they call friends. And they probably are their friends, but I think only really one will give you deep conversations. I mean, there are 10 people you can go on a coffee with, but with how many of them you can really talk? How many of them really get you? Don’t judge you, but tell you just the right thing? In my life, there is only one person who I can talk to, really talk to, not just messing around, but more serious conversations.

The love ones. Family, boyfriend and one good friend. That is all I need in my life. A look from them, a word from them, a hug from them and just they being there, helps.

Happiness.  I don’t know what is your recipe, but I love it so, do what makes you happy.

I think that, if you will ”stick” to all the thing that is like a priority to you, you will shine out so much more happiness. So do it! A smile is the one that will attract others.

So this is the end. You may see there aren’t so many things that are needed to make me more ”myself” good about me. But they matter, to me. What are material objects over some great memories, some great people besides you and your favorite song in the back? Nothing. Don’t worry so much what is your job to do for everyone else, do something for yourself.

Are you alive, are you just breathing?

Love, L

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