Today i am sharing with you 5 flashbacks from the 90’s fashion that you can find in todays every day outfits. First of all, since i was interested in fashion, i have been a huge fan of 90’s outfits. We were in the time when low-waisted bell jeans were popular and i just started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and since that tv show was recorded in the 90’s, all of their clothes were from the 90’s ofcourse haha. And i was admiring those highwaisted jeans on Monica,   t-shirts undres dresses which Pheobe wore a lot of times, or this retro white sock on Rachel. I was like, i want all of their pieces and in fortune i actually got my first pair of super vintage high waisted shorts. That was 7 years ago i think, and i am still obsessed with them. So yes i fell in love with 90’s style while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and then Beverly Hills 90210 came on my list and ther outfits were also insane. So that’s where i got the whole inspiration for my future outfits but sadly you couldn’t get almost anything in stores, because fashion was pretty different, and fucked-up that time. Lucky me, i found some clothing in my grandmothers old boxes of clothes and i remember that one i day i wore her oversize shirt with flowers and my schoolmate made fun of me haha, and i was yeah you would know anything about fashion 😀 But yes now we are living in a world full of clothes which are trying to get back to 90’s style. I am glad, that i can buy some pieces which were always on my wishlist, but i think nowadays fashion will never looked the same as the 90’s, because most of the people don’t wear many outfits with their all heart and they don’t feel comfortable in it, but they still wear it because it’s popular right now. But for me i can tell, no mather what fashion will bring us in future, i will stay loyal to to levi’s jeans and a crop top !


First we got white tee under slip dresses. If you remember wearing this when you were a child we are probably almost the same age. I have to admit, when i was 5 i thought my mom has no style but look mom, it’s all back and it looks pretty good for me! You can also see wearing t-shirts under dungarees, v-neck tops…


Probably every girl owns least one choker at home. I love chokers but it doesn’t look good on me because it makes my neck look much shorter just like turtleneck tops and i realized that chokers aren’t my thing, but still some outfits just need that detail.


Yes you can see how popular were tartan printed clothes and it all come back as a style of a ”school girl”. Tartan mini was so popular in 2015/2016 and tartan oversize shirts still are.


I am totally ok with metallic purses, tops.. but i hate how they made nowadays metallic sport shoes? Like seriously? I wouldn’t wear them if you pay me 😀


My favorite! I wear them all the time, you couldn’t find any other jeans in my closet anyway haha. And you can find pretty cool and similar jenas today in Zara, Pull and Bear, Topshop… But still i own only mom jeans from the 90’s actually.

Find yourself anywhere? I thought so! Hope you like this post, have a lovely week, love L*


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