4 ITEMS FOR 16€?


Yes it’s hard to believe and you will be even more surprised when i tell you that i got this stuff from Bershka. Yes i know!! They had this huge sale and free shipping so i stop thinking and just go for it! I decided to buy like 10 tops but because i am a very nice person i told my sister about it and wait for her to decide what she is going to buy. But she sent me the list at 9 P.M and most of things from my list were already sold. Or the number i am wearing wasn’t in stock anymore.. But ok i take a deep breath and try to get something positive from it, like i won’t be spending money which is not something easy to get for me, haha and i already have a closet where is like no room for one piece of clothes more. So at the end this four beautiful pieces become my precious.

So my first choice from the beginning was this pink ribbed top with turtle neck:

I am going to be honest, this is probably the first piece that i own in this colour. Yeah not a big fan haha, but i am being obsessed with flowers lately and i guess this and the text got me all the way. I see my self wearing this top with simple high waisted denim skirt, which i had on my wishlist and in less than in a month i got it! Moving on…
The second top is long sleeved ribbed top in burgundy/dark red colour.
I love it, it’s so comfortable! But i don’t know am i sorry for taking an M? It fits perfectly but i have a feeling that it’s little to oversize on my shoulders.. But who will notice that haha, i have nothing to worry now! But i already decide what i will wear next friday and i am going to post a blog about it. And if you don’t get it, this top is included.
Next two items are both off shoulder bodies! First we got black ribbed body with 3/4 sleeves.
This won’t be a problem to combined with other items, because black goes with everything. But i still love the easy-going style. Just some mom jeans or jeans skirt and maybe some long cardigan. The easiest but killin it baby! Maybe you can dare your self and put on some crazy socks! Attention included!
And the last thing that i got is this green ruffle off shoulder body.
My first choice was black but it was out of stock and also the sizes so i went with XS, yeah little tight. But i think that my sister will wear this body most of the time because this is the colour of her eyes and it would look great on her,i already see it.
So that’s it! Every shirt cost 4€ and i am happy with my order. Also the package came in 4 days which is super quick!


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